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Stop 'N Go Car Wash

Also selling filtered water

Wash Your Car 24/7

Keep your car wash at showroom quality with our automatic car washing available 24/7. Stop 'N Go Car Wash has two touch free washing bays as well as a soft touch car wash. We update our facilities regularly to ensure your car gets the highest quality clean.

State-of-the-art car wash

Clean your car anytime


Forget your cleaning supplies at home? No worries. We have a fully stocked vending machine packed with wax, microfiber towels, air fresheners, tire cleaner, tire shine and more.

Get back to showroom quality 24/7

Proud to carry Carnauba Hot Wax by Simoniz that won't stick to your windows, but will stick where you want it to. Visit us today at 112 Narrows Rd., Route 11, Larksville, PA 18651.

Vending Machines

  • Four Levels of Clean

  • Undercarriage Cleaning

  • Multiple Polish Options

  • Multiple Wax Options

  • Vending Machine Full of Supplies

  • High Pressure Wash

  • Spot-free Rinse